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After taking up to four hours to fall asleep some nights, Karen broke up with her midlife insomnia…

 “Working with Morgan was ten times more valuable than any doctor visit I had during my insomnia crisis.”

- Karen Karlsen, women’s midlife weight loss coach, age 59

If you could break up with insomnia, would you give yourself that opportunity?

Or, would you keep on…

🚫Having trouble falling asleep because of your racing mind at night?

🚫Waking up at the same time every night?

🚫Awakening before your alarm clock even though you're still tired?

🚫Relying on sleep aids that make you feel groggy the next day?

🚫Trying all the trendy “sleep hacks” that aren’t working for you?


Luckily, you can avoid all this ⬆️:

Inside this self-paced course,
you’ll repair your broken relationship with sleep and…

✔ Feel more refreshed in the morning and not dread the day ahead of you (and requiring 4 lattes before noon)

✔ Have more energy in the day to do the things that are important to you and know your work and home life aren’t suffering

✔ Stop stressing about making travel plans because you’re afraid of not sleeping well while away from home

✔ Feel a sense of peace (instead of anxiety) when bedtime comes

✔ Be less irritable with the important people in your life because you’re finally sleeping well.
(aka stop snapping at your partner, kids, and even your co-workers)

Hey, I’m Morgan Adams: Your sleep soulmate and women’s health warrior.

Flashback to a personal crisis in my mid-thirties:

Most nights, I would spend up to two hours in bed, watching the clock and hoping sleep would come. After a couple of months of suffering, I decided taking a prescription pill was the only solution for my insomnia. 

 I spent most of my mornings foggy-headed because of the residual medication that hadn’t yet cleared my body.

And to add insult to injury, the “sleep” that I was getting because of the pills didn’t even feel like real sleep. It felt shallow and unsatisfying. And don’t even get me started on the next day's side effects!

For 8 years, I was stuck in this cycle.

Once I decided to give up the pills, I discovered that I hadn’t lost my ability to sleep. Instead, I’d lost CONFIDENCE in my ability to sleep.

If only I’d been introduced to the powerful cognitive and behavioral coaching techniques that I use now with my clients, I could have broken the insomnia cycle much earlier.

What I know about you is that you value your health and well-being and understand that quality sleep is essential for both to flourish.

I also know you’d prefer to get quality sleep WITHOUT having to rely on a prescription or over-the-counter solution to get there.

Morgan Adams Female Sleep Coach

This is why I created Midlife Sleep School.

Using the most powerful techniques from (CBTI) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, you'll uncover how to finally end your struggle with sleep.

(CBTI has been recommended by the American Academy of Physicians as a first-line intervention for chronic insomnia, before medication.)

Because of Midlife Sleep School, you'll...

  • Uncover why certain seemingly logical choices you’re making about your sleep can backfire and perpetuate your insomnia
  • Be able to implement the 2 most powerful behavioral techniques for improving your sleep quality
  • Understand how to maintain healthy sleep habits over the long term, without having to rely on medications 
  • Know how and when to use powerful mindfulness and relaxation strategies 
  • Discover how to manage unhelpful thoughts and worries about your sleep

What’s included inside Midlife Sleep School?

Sleep 101

Understand the two processes that make sleep happen and what drives insomnia so you can set the foundation for improving your sleep

CBTI Overview

Learn what the most powerful strategies are for CBTI (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) and how to use a sleep diary to reduce and manage your insomnia symptoms

Fall Back in Love With Your Bed

Uncover the most powerful, science-backed technique to train your mind and body that going to bed means going to sleep

Sleep Quality Training

Learn the step-by-step proven technique for falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality

Strategies for Dealing With Unhelpful Thoughts About Sleep

Discover powerful methods to reframe and reduce negative thoughts and worries that perpetuate sleep struggles

Mindfulness & Relaxation Strategies

Master the 3 most potent relaxation strategies for insomnia and learn how practicing mindfulness during the DAY can improve your sleep

Plus: Implementation Worksheets and Cheat Sheets

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Your BONUS modules

Three Steps To Living a Circadian Aligned Lifestyle for Better Health and Sleep

Managing Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

"With Morgan’s coaching, I am now sleeping through the night! I feel like myself again. I do not take any sleep medications for sleep. I also no longer take anxiety medication!" 
- Becky, age 69

"After working with Morgan, I’m able to sleep without meds and feel more in control of my sleep. I also feel less panicked when I do have a restless night."
- Taylor, age 38

"I feel like I can fall asleep whenever I want to now. Seriously, my data consistently says less than 15 minutes to fall asleep.
- Lynn, age 53

Want to transform your sleep like these women have done?

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Questions you might be asking about Midlife Sleep School:

Still Reading? 

Then you should know this…

Women in midlife are resourceful. Hey, your life experience has made you savvy, right? You’ve figured out how to solve some of life’s biggest challenges at this stage in your life.  

And when sleep is one of those challenges, your first instinct is likely the DIY route because you’ve solved other problems that way.  

But here’s what’s likely to happen… 

You could spend months or years spinning your wheels, playing sleep supplement roulette, doubling down on sleep hygiene, trying other quick fixes, or succumbing to medication.

But that’s not going to be you… 

  • You want to be able to rely on an evidence-based approach to eliminating insomnia. 
  • You want to have confidence in your ability to sleep naturally. 
  • You want a better relationship with sleep. 

Because you know when you’re sleeping well, life goes more smoothly!

I'm In!

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