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Ready to sleep better tonight?

Get to sleep faster, better, and naturally.

I'm Ready to Sleep Better!

Ready to sleep better tonight?

Get to sleep faster, better, and naturally.

I'm Ready to Sleep Better!

Does this sound like you?

  • Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early
  • Feeling like a zombie during the day from lack of sleep
  • Foggy brain and trouble concentrating
  • Work and relationships are suffering
  • Waking up with dread
  • Having a restless and busy brain at night
  • Relying on sleep aids

As someone who suffered from insomnia for 8 years, I understand all the frustrations that your lack of quality sleep is causing you because I’ve been there. 

After healing my dysfunctional relationship with sleep, I’m able to fully experience life in a new way.

My mission is to help you break up with bad sleep so you can start feeling like yourself again.

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My biggest problem was falling asleep, and after working with Morgan I was able to fall asleep more quickly. Working with Morgan was the missing key to my healing. She offered a safe space to share my feelings and always knew exactly what to say. I feel empowered and ready to continue working on what I’ve learned!

- Tabitha, age 30

"With Morgan’s coaching, I am now sleeping through the night! I feel like myself again. I do not take any sleep medications for sleep. I also no longer take anxiety medication!"

- Becky, age 69

Morgan Adams Female Sleep Coach

I’m Morgan: Your sleep soulmate and women’s health warrior.

A decade-long dependence on a popular pharmaceutical sleep aid and a two-time breast cancer diagnosis inspired me to make radical health changes that transformed the trajectory of my life and my wellbeing.

What I didn’t know was how critical a role sleep played in my healing and overall health. And everything I learned along my journey to reclaiming my own health was too valuable not to share with others.

I made it my mission to help women just like me achieve radical wellness. And it starts with better sleep.

I am accredited by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as a health coach and have two advanced certifications in sleep science coaching (Certified Sleep Science Coach, Certified WINK Sleep BBT-I practitioner). 

In other words: I’ve got getting a good night’s sleep down to a science.

My Story

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I can now go to bed confident that I can sleep through the night. If I do awaken, I've learned strategies to guide me successfully back to sleep. I can now approach bedtime without anxiety because I have confidence in my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. I used to lay awake in bed trying to decide whether to take a pill or not. I don't even consider taking medication for sleep anymore.

- Rebecca, age 71

"Morgan’s own experience and knowledge in holistic health gives her a leg up on a traditional sleep coach. If something isn’t working for you, she figures out a more tailored solution. She seamlessly ties the emotional and physical pieces together. Her style reminds me of a beloved teacher, the one who’d bring you up and support you, despite not being a top performer. No guilt or shame involved. She is the coach I wish I had twenty years ago."

- Nina, age 31

You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold anymore because you lack the energy and motivation to do the things that used to bring you joy.

Let's work together!

1:1 Sleep Coaching

  • Get better quality sleep on a more consistent basis
  • Learn better coping skills when sleep doesn’t come easily
  • Have more energy and focus during the day 
  • Build a sleep-promoting morning/evening routine 
  • Use mindfulness as a tool to improve sleep
  • Stop relying on “quick fixes” to get you to sleep
I'm Ready!

Midlife Sleep School

  • The self-paced course for midlife women who know that when you sleep well, you can be well.
  • Ditch insomnia and transform your sleep from struggling to satisfying.
  • Uncover tools to give you more confidence in your ability to sleep peacefully.
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FREE mini course

"Sleep Reset Solution: Simple Morning and Evening Routines for Better Sleep"

My free mini course will guide you on how to design the perfect morning and evening routines for YOU and your lifestyle—so you get better sleep!

You’ll also get two BONUS downloads (routines cheat sheet + meditation/breathwork app guide) with the free course.

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“I’m not alone being a perimenopausal woman struggling to sleep well. Today I feel more aware, prepared and “armed” with a toolkit of tools and resources to help me get better sleep. Big picture: my sleep has improved considerably!" - Katie L., Age 50

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