From sleeping pill popper to breast cancer thriver to sleep coach:


Getting decent sleep was never an issue for me…until I hit my mid-30’s. A personal crisis at age 35 WRECKED my sleep. Back then, I was a successful pharma sales rep who didn’t have the luxury to just “sleep in'' when I had a bout of insomnia.

I was desperate to find a way to get a good night’s sleep. That’s when I got my hands on a very popular, physician-prescribed sleeping pill. When you’re in the pharma world and have friends who are doctors, scoring some of these “magic pills” wasn’t hard.


But these “magic pills” actually proved to be the stuff of nightmares for me over the next 10 years. I didn’t realize that while sleeping pills may help sedate you, sedation is NOT the same as sleep.

Every morning, I woke up groggy and didn’t feel alert until lunchtime. And there were too many mornings that I don’t care to count where I walked into the kitchen to find an empty box of cookies I didn’t remember eating. It’s a miracle I never got behind the wheel in these fugue states.

Morgan Adams Female Sleep Coach


In 2014, I developed a relationship with a man (who now happens to be my husband!). He delivered the hard truth: once I popped my nightly sleeping pill, I became a “zombie.”

I knew that this damn pill was going to impede the development of my relationship with my future husband—not to mention the quality of my life. It was hard work, but I was able to wean myself off the sleeping pills.

But my relationship with sleep still needed improving.


Fast forward to late 2018: I was hit with a breast cancer diagnosis. I’d always worked out and had a pretty decent diet, but after that wake-up call, I got serious about upgrading my health. And with those upgrades, my sleep quality improved.

When the pandemic hit, it seemed like almost everyone’s sleep was suffering—mine, too. About a month before the world shut down, on a whim I bought an Oura ring to track my sleep. This turned out to be one of the best health investments I’ve ever made. So with the arrival of this shiny new ring and feeling highly anxious about the bizarre state of the world, I decided to make learning about sleep and upgrading my sleep a part-time job.

I started sharing my deep interest in sleep on social media, which led to several women reaching out to ask how they could improve their own sleep. In fall of 2020, I had a revelation…I was going to make it my mission to help other women to become healthier versions of themselves. And the key to unlocking true health and wellness starts with upgrading your sleep.

Think about it: suppose you try to eat healthy and exercise. But if you have insomnia or toss and turn all night, how good do you feel? (I bet it's not good at all!) It’s been said that sleep is “the Swiss Army Knife of health.” I agree!

Today I am a certified Sleep Coach and certified health coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I study the latest trends, research, tools and approaches to help women sleep better so they feel better and thrive and flourish.

My goal is simple: to help other women feel better and live better. And it all begins with sleeping better. My customized coaching program is designed around your goals and life.



If you’re someone who wishes she got a better night’s sleep more consistently, but feels like such a “simple” thing as falling and staying asleep is a challenge for you, then let’s chat. I know what it’s like to toss and turn at night, or feel like I have to turn to wine or sleeping pills just to doze off. But you and I both know those crutches do more harm than good: not just to our sleep, but our overall health … not to mention our vitality!

Morgan Adams Female Sleep Coach

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