Are you a sleep-starved woman looking for a trusted guide to coach you on how to get better quality sleep?

I can help.

Here are common scenarios I hear from the women I work with. Do you relate with any?

  • I take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep after I get into bed.
  • I wake up several times a night and often have a hard time falling back asleep because I’m worried or anxious.
  • I have a hard time concentrating and keeping focused during the day.
  • I’m irritable and have a short fuse because I’m under slept.
  • I often rely on caffeine to stay alert during the day.
  • I use over the counter sleep aids or prescription sleep medications and want to stop.
  • I’m starting to believe that I’ll never sleep well again.

Day to day, we know poor sleep can be a drain on our mood and energy. Unfortunately, chronic poor sleep often leads to other problems. Can you relate to any of these?

  • My skin is breaking out, my eyes are puffy, red, or I’m developing dark circles or bags under my eyes.
  • I feel hungry more often (especially for junk food), and I’m gaining weight. 
  • I feel more stressed out, emotionally exhausted, and angrier than usual. 

Did you check off more than a few of these symptoms of poor sleep?

If so, then you’re not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, up to 67% of women say they have had a sleeping problem at least a few nights during the past month—and 46% said they had problems almost every night!

That’s why I created my signature program, My Sleep Makeover.

I work one on one with clients to create a highly customized, individualized, and effective approach to improve sleep quality. 

Over 6 sessions, I’ll guide you through techniques and strategies that are science-backed and “road-tested'' by me. As a former bad sleeper whose mood, energy and overall health were impacted by a lack of quality sleep, I went on my own  journey to improve my health and life by improving my own sleep. 

Now I work with women to “makeover” their sleep protocols so they fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and wake feeling refreshed.


My mission is to lead you to the land of better sleep efficiently and effectively.

Morgan Adams Female Sleep Coach

What clients are saying...


"I began my sleep coaching sessions with Morgan 12 weeks ago and I am amazed at my progress. I was averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a night and feeling quite depleted when I enlisted her help. I am now getting about 7-8 hours of QUALITY sleep each night and the difference in my daily functioning is amazing. I am more alert, less moody or easily flustered and am able to consistently think on my feet. I feel unstoppable! Her encouragement and support were were amazing and when coupled with to her vast resources, knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism, I found that a once overwhelming health concern was more than manageable. She not only helped me understand why sleep was so important to my health and well-being, she helped me actually achieve success in this and subsequent areas of my daily life. I am forever grateful for her help on my wellness journey." - Mary A., 48, single mother of 2


"Sleep used to be easy for me. That changed when I hit my 40’s! Before working with Morgan, I relied too much on prescribed medication to sleep. I wanted to reduce my dependence. In the short time I worked with Morgan, I eliminated one medication and cut the remaining one by half! I have a solid set of morning and evening routines that have greatly improved my “sleep hygiene.” Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working with Morgan is that I felt validated: I’m not alone being a perimenopausal woman struggling to sleep well. Today I feel more aware, prepared and “armed” with a toolkit of tools and resources to help me get better sleep. Big picture: my sleep has improved considerably!." - Katie L., age 50


"Morgan provided me the latest research, helped me reframe my challenges to get me unstuck, and encouraged me to make informed decisions. She wasn’t pushy or demanding: Morgan was a great coach." - Kesa, age 48


"My biggest sleep challenge was an inconsistent routine around bedtime. Morgan taught me a better sleep routine that not only worked for me and for my husband too. With Morgan’s coaching, I felt empowered and developed fabulous strategies to address my sleep issues. Morgan’s knowledge of sleep really shined." - Laurie R., age 59


"I was interested in sleep coaching with Morgan after many years of trying everything—I mean EVERYTHING—to get my sleep in check. While my sleep is not perfect, I can say that it is not something that consumes my days anymore. With all of the different tips and tricks, I have learned how to cope with a bad night of sleep. It no longer sends me into a downward spiral of despair as it once did. Thanks to Morgan I have a very solid arsenal of coping mechanisms and restructuring techniques for both optimizing my sleep and letting go of the worry after not sleeping well." - Peri, age 28


"I was hopeful Morgan could help me but kept my hopes in check: I had been working with a licensed therapist prior and had no success. I was drawn to Morgan’s individualized, custom sleep coaching model. I felt so comfortable working with Morgan that I shared other physical health challenges, and she was very helpful even beyond sleep coaching!" - Sara P., age 33


"One of the biggest things I loved about working with Morgan was that she helped me have confidence in myself. Our coaching sessions helped me to realize that so many of the solutions to my sleep challenges were already in me and available to me."  - Becky, age 69


"I hired Morgan as my sleep coach because I had struggled with sleep for a long time. I wanted to achieve more confidence in my ability to get good sleep and worry and stress about sleep less. I achieve ALL THOSE THINGS and now have the BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE!"  - Shelly, age 34


The breadth of tools and resources Morgan brings to the table is amazing. I felt valued and heard as a client. - Sheila S., age 58


When I began working with Morgan, my goal was to achieve at least six hours of sleep every night and lessen my overall fear of not sleeping well. By the end of my coaching program with Morgan, I was successful! - Chloe, age 27


Before working with Morgan, it took me two to three hours to fall asleep most nights. After working with Morgan, I am asleep within 30 minutes of my head hitting the pillow on most nights! - Amy, age 69


Here’s how my coaching program works:

During our first session, I put on my “sleep detective” hat, where I take a deep dive into your health history and lead you through a comprehensive sleep assessment. By the end of this first session, I should have a clear understanding of your current sleep landscape so together we can set some outcome goals to focus on over the next several weeks.

In between sessions during your coaching package, you’ll have ongoing access to me through a platform where you can send a message anytime you have questions or need more support. I’ll make sure to get back with you within 24 hours…usually much sooner than that! 

By the end of your 6 coaching sessions, you’ll know how to:

  • Create your own sleep sanctuary
  • Eat and move your body to optimize your sleep
  • Uncover the “sleep stealers” that are keeping you from getting restful sleep and how to eliminate them
  • Build morning and evening routines based on your own chronotype that will set you up for quality sleep
  • Better manage daytime stress and anxiety that hinders your sleep
  • Reframe and transform your maladaptive sleep thoughts and behaviors 

With these skills you’ve learned, you’ll:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Wake up less often
  • Spend more time asleep
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Have more energy
  • Be more productive 
  • Gain a more positive outlook on life

When your sleep is better, EVERYTHING is better!

And, of course, you’ll have me as your accountability partner, coach and confidant along the way.

I’ll be there for you during and between our sessions. You’ll have unlimited access to me through a messaging app.

Morgan Adams Female Sleep Coach

When your sleep is better, EVERYTHING is better.

Are you ready to get started on your journey to better sleep?

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